This event was hosted by UX LOVE in collaboration with UX Strategy Chicago. UX Love events gather the Chicago UX community in a fun environment to meet, mingle, and learn from each other so we can make new connections and get better at our work at the same time. Each event focuses on various aspects of User Experience as a craft and career, highlighting the issues and opportunities that UX professionals and students encounter as our industry evolves, and sharing best practices for doing great work every day.

This panel covered something near and dear to our daily lives - helping support the internal UX team from a client perspective. As consultants, we often partner up with our clients internal UX teams. As with any internal business unit, we see similar obstacles apply to these teams, with an added layer of challenges based on the organization's UX maturity. During this presentation, we shared stories from the consultant perspective on how we can use our external position to help the internal UX team's success, growth, and advocacy of UX across their organization.

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