Mapping the global research

CLIENT Leading global oncology medical systems provider

GOAL Understand the variation and similarities in patient-physician care management across diverse markets to drive the development of a relationship management tool.

The Approach

Gathering Global Insights

The TC team traveled to Ireland, England, Australia, and India to sit down and speak with patients and physicians about their personal and professional experiences managing cancer care. We intentionally designed a mixed-method approach to gain insight into every angle of the experience, from logistical to personal. Methods included:

  • One-on-one Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Contextual Inquiry

The patient-doctor relationship varies drastically between developed and developing countries, whether that be access to digital medical records or culturally distinct variation in the way doctors set boundaries with their patients.

How do we use our insights to drive a standardized solution?

Collaborative Experience and Systems Mapping

We believe it is crucial to utilize diverse perspectives and subject matter expertise to create robust and lasting solutions. For this reason, we conducted a multidisciplinary collaborative workshop with everyone from developers to executives to utilize our global insights in mapping an experience design that is both feasible and impactful.