Improving a training program through experience mapping

CLIENT Leading Investment Firm

GOAL Understand what is causing new employees to become dissatisfied and quit during their ten-week onboarding and training period, with the goal of creating an improved training experience.

The Approach

Longitudinal Mixed Methods

This unique challenge required that we get an in-depth understanding of functional and emotional experience throughout the training process. In order to understand the narrative over time, and identify key areas and points in time, we designed a comprehensive, mixed method approach:

  • In-depth interviews
  • Video diaries
  • Intercept interviews
  • Focus groups

Longitudinal research resulted in experience maps and empathy maps that served as guides for the next step in our process: creating solutions.

The fast pace, high expectations, and isolation created by this at-home education process caused many trainees to feel that they were cracking under the pressure. How can we optimize our support structure to make sure trainees feel less alone and more empowered to get through this process?

With the insights and user journey maps as a guide, TC conducted a day-long concept ideation workshop with internal stakeholders to put our learnings into action. The result was a set of fully defined and prioritized set of concept cards intended to be implemented and tested in the evolved trainee process.