Transforming the insurance onboarding process into a streamlined digital experience

CLIENT Leading personal lines insurance company in the US

GOAL Simplify the complex, multi-channel process of onboarding customers to a new insurance policy into a streamlined single touchpoint digital workflow.

The Approach

User Research

The TC team conducted a series of interviews with both insurance agents and customers to understand the current pain points and areas of opportunity in the process of signing up and onboarding to a new insurance policy.

With so many different touchpoints and dependencies, the process of onboarding a new customer felt overly complex and unpredictable. How can we consolidate these processes into a single digital workflow that saves time and stress for both the agent and the customer?

Customer Journey Mapping

Driven by customer research, we created a series of journey maps to illustrate areas of opportunity in various aspects of the customer onboarding experience. Mapping the current process and pain points across two user segments helped us to identify target areas for streamlining in the digital flow. We also created “ideal state” journey maps to anchor the vision for the future state experience in both customer needs, as well as business goals.

Workflow Design

After workshopping and ideating a research-driven approach for the new onboarding application, TC created a detailed workflow map to guide the development of tasks and application screen designs.

Interaction Design

With the workflow established and mapped, the TC team created mobile wireframes for each step of the onboarding process to be developed into the final application.