Communities Design New Ways to Connect: Chicago’s Window Art

Over the past few weeks, daily morning walks have become a key component of my coping strategy (I must admit I'm not the most receptive to being cooped up). Living in a dense urban area like Chicago offers an abundance to observe and discover as I take on new routes everyday.

I live in a neighborhood called Logan Square, which offers a diverse variety of architecture across houses, brownstones, apartment buildings, and historic mansions. As I continue to perfect my people dodging skills on the sidewalks and streets, I've been delighted to notice messages of community and hope in the windows of these increasingly familiar structures.

My neighbors are social designers.

They are using their creativity and agency to change the feeling and landscape of an otherwise isolated community. Though seemingly simple gestures on their own, together this growing collection of messages offering reassurance, love, and hope chip away at the feelings of fragmentation to rebuild our whole. 

How have you seen your community designing a better experience? Share in the comments below!

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