E.L.I.T.E. UX for Entrepreneurs

It has become clear that UX has value far beyond interface design – it is a philosophy & a lens for business success. Traceable Change founders Gino and Whitney conducted this workshop to help aspiring entrepreneurs walk away with a UX Playbook that serves as an ongoing guiding light and reference point for how to make smart business, design, and development decisions as they grow. During the workshop, we went through a series of exercises, including:

  • Defining company identity traits, such as overview, mission, value statements, differentiators, and competitive landscape.
  • Defining target customers and what they hope to get from the product or service.
  • Developing personas for target customers.
  • Developing an ideal state customer journey map as a guide for user-focused business development.
  • Identifying and defining key design principles that will dictate branding, products, and services in the future.

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