TC @ UX India 2019

UX India is India's largest UX design conference. It consists of 3 days of inspiration, education and skills development for user experience designers, UX leaders, visual designers, user researchers, front end designers, program managers, startup founders and design students.

UX is the go-to for creating experiences of ease and delight, but what about when you need to go deeper? Uncovering and grappling with the emotional and psychological roadblocks to what drives ease and delight is sometimes necessary to make lasting change.

During her talk, Whitney discussed key projects that challenged the TC team to take a particularly immersive approach in methods, insights storytelling, design, and client education. One exploring the often frightening and very complicated story of trying to make it as a low-income familiy in inner-city Chicago. The other a challenge to build a bridge of empathy between manufacturing management and their tired and dissatisfied factory floor workers. In both instances, it was clear that, in order to create impactful change, the team would first need to go the extra mile in creating new experiential ways to immerse clients and stakeholders into the hearts and minds of their end users. Whitney discussed some of the techniques and methods TC used to create this experience, not just for the end user, but for the people with the potential to impact them most.

Key Takeaways:

  • User needs are not always what they seem at first. Dig deeper.
  • UX should challenge itself to educate and immerse decision makers just as much as it challenges itself to create human designs.
  • By utilizing a mix of research methods, pyschoemotional insight, and collaborative workshopping, UXers can tell the story of the human inside the user in an engaging and impactful way.

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