UChicago GradUCon: UX Panel and Mentoring

GRADUCon is the University of Chicago’s annual career conference just for graduate students and postdocs. This event serves as an opportunity for masters and PhD students to explore careers in academia, industry, nonprofits, and government. It includes panels, discussions, and the chance to talk one-on-one with employers and alumni about diverse career trajectories.

TC's co-founder, Whitney, sat on a panel specifically geared around students interested in learning a bit more about the field of UX. Discussions ranged from understanding how the current job market looks to more detailed conversations around approaches and methodology. Afterward, students got a chance to sit one-on-one with the panel of pros to ask more detailed and personal questions as they begin to pursue their post-grad careers.

It is a priority at TC to remain engaged with the academic community, not only to help mentor and guide students into the working world, but to keep our finger on the pulse of how academic environments and discussions can inform our ongoing practice. Big thanks to the University of Chicago for their continued engagement with our team!

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